My name is Lorelai I Dali

I have been walking on this road for many lifetimes and no, I’m not finished. I haven’t worked through all of my issues, I haven’t released all blockages, I’m not the Enlightened One. But I have learned so much on my journey already!

I have worked with people like you for over 15 years, using psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, energy healing, Vedic Art and more wonderful tools. And I have a GIFT. My gift allows me to guide you towards your True Self not just through my therapeutic experience but also by channelling the words that will open up the space in you that wants to shine through. In that space you will find all of the answers that you seek. All answers come from you to yourself and I’m the missing piece that allows you to hear them.

My private sessions and group courses have already helped hundreds of individuals overcome their blockages and limits to self-expression in order to live more happy, fulfilling, authentic life.

I'm so glad I got the opportunity to do this Self Love Challenge. It has been an amazing experience.

I can't thank my loving, caring, beautiful friend Lorelai Ivy Dali enough for all of her encouragement, honesty, motivation, kind words and help throughout this journey 💜

Give yourself another chance 💜 you deserve it.

What YOU feel and think about YOURSELF, matters.

How much you love and accept yourself,


Your heart goes a long way to help you be your true self.

Treat yourself kindly and encourage yourself when its difficult.

This journey is never easy but its fun, enjoyable and soooooo worth it.

Let this become part of your growth and healing! Give it a go! 💜


- Letisha M.

I can't recommend this Self Love Challenge enough

Lorelai Ivy Dali is phenomenal and she'll take you through this magical self love journey with so much love, support, compassion and importance of self love

I am very glad to having met Lorelai and much grateful for her guidance through this journey

- Maria L.